Giddis Computer Training Center displays her student, Larisa Drayeh Mankwa.

Larissa Drayeh Mankwa, a student of Giddis Computer Training Center – Yaounde, and a former student of the university of Yaounde I Ngoa – Ekele from the department of geography.
Currently, the student has enrolled in the IT institution where she studies Secretarial Duties and Office Administration, which is a diploma course, that runs for a year, that is nine months of studying, and one month of internship.

Larissa says she came up into the school through a friend and she equally saw it online through an advertisement that was made which paved her stay in the institution possible. The length of time she has been in the school is favorable for her because the Administration is great and students are well treated. She has just learned secretarial duties, which is not the only, she is learning another course that she thinks will be very useful to her in the future. Again, students are always advised on how to behave because life doesn’t end there.
The advice she has for young people like her is that it will be imperative to do IT because it’s very important. Having a broad knowledge of computer or IT is advantageous and thus, Giddis is actually a place she will quickly advise everyone willing to be IT literate.

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