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Capacity Building

Organizing capacity-building programs for young people to  Obtain, improve, and retain their skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs competently.  It allows individuals and organizations to perform at a greater capacity (larger scale, larger audience, larger impact, etc). Strengthening the skills of people and communities, in small businesses and local grassroots movements, in order to achieve their goals and overcome particular issues that may cause exclusion.

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Trainings & Bootcamps

Organizing trainings and bootcamps to build their skills in Technology, Creativity, Graphic Design, Office Suit, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Web Design and Web Building. These skills can help them build their skills more and their career.

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Consultancy, coaching & mentorship

Helping to offer expert or professional advice in a field, is about solving immediate problems and issues, focusing on long-term success, and looking at the bigger picture. Improving performance, and building capability

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Going through the process of  making the youths to become highly sensitive to specific events or situations (especially emotional events or situations. Earning process wherein we become sensitive to pain, sound, smell, and other senses. It is a basic type of non-associative learning (i.e. learning that some events are irrelevant or not connected to one another)



Partnering with other youth empowerment organisations for greater impact

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