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CELBMD Africa Collaborates with GYTEC-Africa to Deliver ICT and Employability Skills to Young People

CELBMD Africa Collaborates with GYTEC-Africa to Deliver ICT and Employability Skills to Young People

In today’s technology-driven world, proficiency in information and communication technology (ICT) is an absolute requirement for young people who want to succeed in the marketplace. Recognizing this need, The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa has partnered with Giddis Youth Technology Empowerment Center for Africa (GYTEC-Africa) to deliver essential ICT and employability skills training.


This collaboration has been ongoing for over 6 years now. It aims at equipping young people with valuable knowledge that can help them navigate the job market successfully while contributing meaningfully towards societal transformation through innovative technologies like ICT.

According to CELBMD Africa, youths are at the forefront of societal transformation through innovation because technology is their thing. Through institutions such as CELBMD and GYTEC-Africa, valuable skills are acquired that spur economic growth.

The third batch of trainees will soon graduate from this program on September 4th at Green Wood Hotel located at Carrefour Obili in Yaounde. This milestone event is expected to attract attendees from all sectors as stakeholders come together to celebrate these young people’s accomplishments after months of rigorous training.

The graduation ceremony promises not only a celebration but also an opportunity for guests attending it to network among themselves or interact with some successful professionals present during the occasion.

While speaking about the upcoming graduation ceremony, Mr Javnyuy Joybert CEO/Co-founder CELBMD Africa said: “We believe that by providing access to quality education especially on critical areas such as entrepreneurship development; leadership development; business management development; career coaching etc., we can empower communities across Cameroon and beyond.”

In conclusion, collaborations between organizations such as CELBMD Africa and GYTEC-Africa play a vital role in empowering youths with valuable knowledge that enables their participation in shaping Cameroonian society into one driven by technological advancements. The collaboration’s success stories have been numerous, with many young people already securing employment or creating startups that are making an impact on the economy.

It is evident that collaborations between different stakeholders are essential for driving innovation and economic growth, which ultimately benefits individuals and communities as a whole.

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